Top 5 Places That Cash A Bank Payroll Checks Without Account

Getting your first payroll check is a different kind of feeling which cannot be explained in words. It is like a bridge between the adolescent you and the adult you. But, a majority of people do not have a bank account to cash their payroll checks. This may happen due to a lack of required documents, a lack of valid ID proofs, or pending police case(s). But you do not have to worry if you want to cash a payroll check without a bank account. There are many other places that cash payroll checks. Here you can get your check cashed by paying a small amount of money as a service charge.

Places That Cash Payroll Checks Without A Bank Account

Bank Of The Employer

You can cash your payroll check at your employer’s bank. Ask for the service at the bank. Also, consult your employer if there is any provision made to decrease the service charges at the bank. A few banks will cash the check for non-customers by charging a higher service fee.

Places That Cash Payroll Checks

 Pre-paid Bank Cards

Opening a bank account is a time-consuming task. It requires a lot many documents and ID proofs which are not handy to everyone. Some financial institutions offer check-cashing services without asking for a bank account. In some cases, you can add the money of the check to these cards and use it for shopping and other purposes. A service fee applies to these pre-paid bank cards.

Check Cashing Kiosks

Check cashing kiosks exist at many retail shops and convenience stores. Some provide the service 24/7, others offer the check cashing service only till the store is open. You can get the payment in the form of cash or also in the form of store gift cards at larger retail shops. The only disadvantage of this option is the service charge levied often ranges from 1-5% of the original value of the check.

Payroll Check-cashing Services Retail Shops

Check cashing services for payroll checks and other types of checks are available at many nearby retail shops. The service charges differ based on the amount of the check to be cashed. For $1,000 or less a lower charge is applicable and for charges more than $1,000 and up to $5,000 a greater charge will be applied. Other retailers like grocery stores and even some liquor stores also paychecks. You may need to have a membership in such stores to avail of this service. The best part of having your check cashed at these stores is that they are almost everywhere near you. You will not be needed to go especially to a distance to find a retail shop that caches checks. But, before going for the service, always ask the customer service department for the associated fee for these services. The fee will again differ from store to store.

Check To Cash Stores

Check-cashing stores are the most convenient places that cash payroll checks. They are ahead of all the other check cashing places in terms of the convenience that they offer. Unlike banks, which take a lot of time to process the cash, they are quick in assistance. Banks usually take a long time to validate a check of a higher amount(the amount that is higher than the present bank balance of the depositor). In addition to quick services, check cashing stores remain open for 24 hours, six to seven days a week. The majority of people need instant cash as they run out of money from the previous check before getting the new check. They do not hesitate in paying the service fee at check-cashing stores. The convenience fee is in proportion to the amount of the check to be cashed.

Other less popular places that cash checks are ATM, the issuing financial institution, gas stores, and you can also endorse your check with your friends and family.

Places That Cash Payroll Checks

What Do You Need To Cash Your Payroll Check?

Before cashing your payroll check every retail shop, check cashing store, and any other place that you prefer will ask for valid ID proof. The valid photo ID to cash your payroll check includes-
Driver’s license
State photo ID
Any other Government-issued ID


Before settling for a place that cash payroll checks always consider their authenticity. There are many ways in which people get scammed and cheated while availing of such services. Also, you should keep in mind the expiry date of your payroll check. In general payroll checks expire in 6 months but it varies from state to state. DNVInc checks cashing is a trusted name in the field of cashing checks of different types. Be extremely aware because your check is an easy target of fraud.

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