Top 5 Ways And Different Places That Cash Payroll Checks, For You

I remember when I received my first paycheck at my very first job, my heart was filled with a lot of emotions. I was feeling a new feeling of pride in myself and I had a feeling that finally I have stepped into the righteous zone of adulthood. All and all, it was a pretty special moment for me. And I am sure many of you who received their first payrolls must have felt the same way and ran to the nearest places that cash payroll checks. Finally all of your hard work has paid you well and now you can spend the earnings on whatever you want.

Back in my days, there were not many options to get the cash for the check that you have received, but only one. You have to go to your bank or your financial institution and then sign the back of the check and then submit it to the officer. Then it may take up to a few days to clear before you get your own money. There were not many places that cash payroll checks.

Things are very different now, there are many places that cash payroll checks for you and there are many different methods and ways out there as well. And some of them are able to give you instant gratification to collect your income immediately, which means there is no long time period where you have to wait to get the check clearance.

See the following options and enjoy your money:

places that cash payroll checks

1. You can go to your own Financial institution for funds:

This is one of the old school ways to get the money and it is one of the oldest places that cash payroll checks for you. You can simply go to one of these banks where you are already having your checking or savings account (and if you don’t, then this is the high time to set it up). And all you need is to sign the back of the check, share your member or account number and hand it over to their employee.

Depending on the balance and your luck, you may be able to get a walk out with the cash in your pocket. That being said, it is highly likely that you have to wait for a couple of days before the clearance of your check. And then you may receive your own money.

2. You can reach out to issuing financial institution

Most of the financial institutions are obliged to check drawn from their own banks as they can easily check the balance while you’re there. But be sure to ask them about their policies, as some of the banks do charge a fee or percentage of the amount if you are not their customer. And most importantly, always carry your ID with you such as your driving license or any other government issued ID card.

3. You can also use an ATM Machine

We are living in a modern time where none of us have enough time for anything, and just to find places that cash payroll checks is something none of us is willing to do. Thankfully now you don’t have to run to your home branch every time you receive a payroll check, just look for an ATM machine near you and you will be able to deposit your check through one of these ATM machines. However, this facility is not available for all of the branches and ATM machines so do make sure that your bank is providing you this facility.

4. You can sign up for direct deposit:

This is one of those new features which will directly eliminate the need to find the places that cash payroll checks for you. All you need to do is to contact your company’s human resources or payroll department, they will fill the form for you and get your bank’s routing number and your account number. And your money will directly get deposited into your bank account.


The best thing about it is not that you don’t have to find the places that cash payroll checks for you. But it takes care of the whole process for you electronically. You don’t have to do absolutely anything apart from waiting for your payday and see the funds showing up in your bank account. As all the procedure will take place at the back end.

5. You can deposit it remotely

And of course we are living in a modern age, where anything and everything is available at the comfort of our palm. So here as well, if you have a computer, smartphone or a tablet you don’t have to worry to find the places that cash payroll checks. All you need to do is use a scanner or take a good quality picture and you are good to go. Take that image and upload it to your bank’s website or application and wait for it to reflect in your account.

You’ll need to download your financial institution’s remote deposit app and your check may take some time to clear, but it’s a convenient way to cash your payroll check if you’re busy or out of town. Just sign the check, photograph or scan the front and back, and either log in to your account or app to upload the image.

Yes, you will be required to install your bank’s remote deposit application on your device. And check clearance may take some time but the whole process is very simple and easy. Additionally, if you are facing any troubles regarding this procedure, the bank is having specially trained staff to help you complete the task over the comfort of your phone. All you need is a signed copy of your check, both sides front and back.

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