Can I Cash A Torn Money Order Or Refund It?

Your ability to coin a torn cash order relies upon the economic group being asked to coin the price range and the quantity of damage to the record. A small tear that leaves the serial amount, signature, and different figuring out data intact is usually satisfactory, even though you could face a touch greater scrutiny than usual when you redeem it. If the tear is essential — which includes one which calls for you to tape the cash order returned together, or if you discover yourself having to piece several pieces of a shredded money order collectively, you’re higher off requesting a new one than looking to cash it.

Tear region subjects

Every money order has identified data that we could the organization cashing the check confirm its validity. If those numbers are torn or illegible, or if the greenback quantity becomes ripped and taped back on, you will have a hard time cashing the money order because the financial institution may additionally have doubts that it’s far legitimate. It could be less difficult to coin the torn money order with the direct company or a nearby company’s agent. If you obtained a torn money order issued by a money switch agent or economical institution, that provider is more likely for you to verify if the money order is valid. When you have no good fortune there, ask whoever issued you the money to get an alternative. Some issuers, which include the USA Postal service, will do so without cost. Others price a rate for the carrier.

cash order

Money orders are one of the quickest and simplest ways to make payments or ship coins securely. When you get hold of a cash order, you must be cautious while you’re taking it to be cashed.

Because it’s just a slip of paper, it can be without difficulty damaged or torn. But, if this takes place, you might nevertheless be able to use the money order – it relies merely upon how damaged it is.

How much harm is a problem?

When you’ve surpassed your cash order to be cashed via a cash services companion, they’ll need to test the serial number and signature to make sure it’s legitimate. As long as those essential info are intact, a small tear shouldn’t be an issue.

However, suppose the number and signature aren’t certainly displayed. In that case, you may ask the sender for a new money order to be sent.

Can I position a shredded money order lower back collectively?
Suppose you discover yourself having to paste pieces of a shredded cash order collectively. In that case, it’s not likely to be regular while you try to cash it. You’ll extra than likely must ask for a replacement cash order to be despatched to you from the sender.

To discover for sure, drop via your nearest cash services and find a shop companion. They’ll take a glance and advocate for you on what to do.

What must I do if my cash order is ruined?

If your cash order is so broken, it’s deemed invalid; you’ll want whoever ordered it to get an alternative. The method is easy. All they’ll do is:

Print and complete the money order purchaser request shape.
Return with the receipt and a $15 processing fee to the indexed deal with.
If they don’t have their receipt, fill out and ship the same form with a $30 fee.
If the cash order has no longer been cashed, they’ll get money back.

How can I maintain my cash order safely?

To save you your cash order getting damaged, you can preserve it in these safe locations:

  • Record or folder. Make sure you’ve got a perfect filing gadget, so vital files aren’t misplaced or damaged.
  • Locked table drawer.
  • Pockets or handbag. While shifting from store to home, don’t carry money orders on your hand or shove them into a bag. Ideally, you’d have plastic pockets to hold them in.
  • If a money order is misplaced or stolen, it’s critical to behave quickly to shield the coins you used to buy it. Issuers all have techniques in place for canceling fees and issuing replacements or refunds of uncashed money orders. They also all rate prices for doing so, but it’s a small charge to pay for recuperating your coins.

A way to Cancel a cash Order

As soon as you find out that the cash order is lacking, you have to touch the group that issued it to request that it’s canceled. Records for doing so is at the receipt you obtained when to procure the money order.

If you don’t have the receipt, you may return to the location wherein you bought the money order (or any of its branches or places of work) and give an explanation for the state of affairs. You can want to go to a workplace besides completing the subsequent segment of the cancellation technique, completing and submitting a cancellation request shape. You will likely need to show identification and sign the form in character.

You will also want to pay a cancellation fee. Those vary by using the issuer. The U.S. Postal service expenses $6.95; MoneyGram (which troubles cash orders at Walmart as well as its own stores) expenses $18. Western Union fees $15, but, like many banks and other institutions, it hikes the charge (to $30) if you do not have a receipt.

You can either request a substitute money order or a reimbursement of the purchase price while you post your cancellation form.

The replacement procedure can take up to 60 days, so if you’re using the cash order to make an urgent fee, you must likely recollect sending every other. In case you’d like to check the fame of your refund/alternative request, many issuers assist you in taking a look at the status of a return online.

If the cash Order Has Been Cashed

Filling out a cash order absolutely, with the recipient’s full name and address, makes it difficult—however, no longer not possible—for a criminal to coin it. While you contact the cash order provider to request a cancellation, they’ll check to peer if it has already been cashed.

Your pleasant bet at that point is to request a replica of the signed, cashed cash order from the vicinity that cashed it. Touch local regulation enforcement and provide them with the image to start an investigation. If they discover the imposter who cashed the cash order, you will be capable of getting the stolen finances returned from them.


In case you’re cautious about filling out a cash order in the element and hand it off at once to the recipient or ship it utilizing licensed mail, your price will possibly go without a hitch. But if the cash order is going missing, you have got a significant hazard of having your money back—minus a rate and a few weeks’ put off—as long as it hasn’t been cashed.

As an opportunity to use money orders, you may need to don’t forget to establish a checking account, which helps you send budget without costs, and makes it simpler (even though possibly not unfastened) to stop fee on lost or missing tests.

Money orders may be replaced if they’re damaged, lost, or stolen; however, the method isn’t always easy; neither is it free. You’ll need to return to the region wherein you acquire the particular money order and offer facts proving to procure it. After checking to look whether it turned into cash or not, you may get a brand new one – but there’s no guarantee.

Know the Serial range

When you buy a cash order, you’ll receive a receipt that includes its serial range. To get an alternative cash order, you commonly want to have that range handy. In case you don’t, the establishment you purchased it from may be capable of turning it down. Still, the procedure will take longer, and also, you threaten having your request denied. Before heading right down to the location wherein, you obtain your money order, first name ahead or go to the corporation’s internet site to get yourself up to speed with its regulations. This could let you realize what you want to have that allows you to replace your lost, stolen, or broken cash order –if it’s far at all possible.

Pay the charge and Wait.

Anticipate any decision on a substitute cash order to take weeks, if now not months, to reach. Among 30 and 60 days is the average wait that establishments cite as the timeline for resolution. Additionally, anticipate to take out your pockets because most money order issuers rate a price to replace lost money orders. The USA Postal provider, for example, makes you fill out PlayStation shape 6401, then submits a payment inquiry to decide the popularity of a lost or stolen cash order earlier than issuing an alternative. It additionally fees a $5.95 processing price for this carrier. MoneyGram costs an $18 processing fee that either need to be protected with the utility or is deducted from the refund amount.

Take suitable Precautions

Dropping or changing money order is a problem. However, you can do a few matters to make sure this does not take place in the future. First, when you purchase the cash order, fill it out at once, leaving nothing blank. A blank cash order is just as exact as coins in a person’s hand due to the fact he can fill it out with his personal call, rather than the individual you meant, and coins it. Maintain your money orders in a safe area until you are geared up to mail them or provide them to the recipient. This may appear like standard know-how; however, cash orders are often passed over to you with the receipt. If you’re distracted while you obtain the cash order, you could accidentally throw it away or overlook it in which you’ve stashed it. Lastly, continually preserve the receipt or stub from your money order till you recognize your recipient has cashed it.

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