Money Transfer

Money Transfer

Sometimes, you need to send money to someone who will not accept a personal check. Let our money orders help you.

Send money to your family anywhere in the world with DNV. Our money transfer service allows your loved ones to receive their funds in just minutes.

Getting a money order is a simple three-step process:

1. Visit one of our locations – We have seven locations in Fredericksburg and the Northern Virginia area.
2. Provide your info – We need your name and a valid form of identification. We also need your recipient’s name, location, and the amount your are sending them.
3. Payment in Cash – Our money transfer service is cash only. We then give you a confirmation code for you to send to the recipient. The recipient must use this code at a location near them to receive the funds.

We work with major providers, such as Western Union. Visit DNV today for all your money transfer needs.

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