What are Check Cashing Stores

You might be familiar with terms like payday loans and title loans and would have also probably tried using these services for your financial procedures. But in the recent times, it has been very clearly brought out that services like these can be very scandalous, predatory and may result you in losing heavy amounts of your money. Having known about the risk and issues involved in these services, you might have definitely looked at alternatives that could be chosen and for the same, Check Cashing as a lot of people say- is of great help.  Before you know about how check cashing works and what its benefits are, you need to understand what check cashing exactly is and how is it different from the above mentioned services.

Check Cashing Services

It is usually observed that people receive their income or other payments in the form of checks. But there are a lot of households around America who do not have a traditional bank account and thus, getting the check turned into spendable money can become an arduous and tough process for them.

Check Cashing


And in cases like these, the check cashing service comes to the rescue. In layman’s language, check cashing can be understood as a service that is offered by different stores and businesses wherein you can get your check turned into cash within a few minutes in return of a pre-decided fee that is charged by the store to you for the process. Thus, you do not need to have a bank account or get the check deposited in a bank and then wait for a few days for the process to complete, instead all that you now need to do is visit a check cashing store near you and give your check, verify your details and the very next moment- you will get your cashed amount in return of a fee that is charged.

To give an example for the same, let’s say that you get a check of amount $100 and 3% fee is charged for the process. Thus, you will get a total of $997 cash in return of your check wherein $3 gets deducted for the service.

While this was just an example of the fee, the charges usually vary from store to store but it is affordable and worth the money. The fees depend on various factors like the credibility of the issuer’s bank, risk involved in the check, amount to be cashed, your details, etc. But after all taken into consideration, the fee amount in no ways will extend over 8-10% of the total check amount.

Check Cashing


While this is the major service offered by check cashing stores, other services like bill payments, money orders, prepaid debit and credit cards, travel tickets, etc. In terms of trust and reliability, these stores are legal and have no risks involved wherein there are no chances of you being fooled with your money as the cash is directly handed over to you right after you give the check. Thus, the waiting process and risk is eliminated on the spot.

After understanding what check cashing is, you might wonder how you will be able to locate a check cashing store near you. It is quite easy and convenient to find a store in Herndon as well as Sterling as both the cities have many Western Unions around the city and you can directly look into your phone to find the nearest one from you.

In all, when we think of alternatives for getting our check cashed without having a bank account, the check cashing store is a great option to go for. Not only has it made the process way more simplerand fast, it is also convenient and user friendly. The rates are clearly mentioned and with no risk involved, you get your cash instantly. However, before you get your check cashed, it is advised to do your research and have a look at the fee that is charged by the store and the details they need from your end for the process. Usually, they ask for driver’s license or any government ID and the fees are mentioned on a menu card like sheet once you enter the store. After confirming the above mentioned details, you can choose the best suitable store for you and get your check cashed instantly without a bank account.

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